Under the Ice

John Eric Gregorius
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Gerald W Pawluk Great listening

Great album from a terrific musician and a perfect additition to my collection.
Metaphysical Reviews Among the best of transportive and meditative music!

Under the Ice
by John EricThere is a new star on the horizon of meditative music and his name is John Eric. In his
new and powerful album, Under the Ice, this listener heard a potpourri of rhythms that
offered peace and centering.In the galaxy of music, John’s nine selections are as different from each other as night is
from day. Yet, like night and day are connected by the same clock, there is a common
thread that connects all of his music. It is wonderfully transportive. At times, this
reviewer found himself far, far away. Sometimes in a garden; sometimes by a quiet lagoon;
and sometimes in some heavenly place, surrounded by serenity.Under the Ice, by definition, is a path to a better place to be found inside all of us. The
stepping stones along the way are hope, desire, love and compassion. The road is straight
and well-marked. And the final stop is called oneness.Perhaps, though, the most endearing (and unusual) feature of Under the Ice is that this
music prompts introspection. One cannot help but look at oneself in the solitude and peace
John provides, and wonder why and who we are. More, the answers become obvious—we
are here to love our maker, ourselves and all others.Softly, oh so softly, Under the Ice winds its way as a starship steers to a distant planet. In
total peace and quiet and harmony, slowly but surely reaching its destination. John Eric
has given us ambient music that is the fuel for the journey!Richard Fuller
Senior Editor

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Ambient Guitar: a mixture of ambient mood and earthy composition. (Like Brian Eno learns guitar.)
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